When to start writing

When I first started writing music, I did it because I felt like it. I had an idea, I had a vibe, I was curious and I just wanted to see what happened. 

One day, one of my ideas turned out to be quite good. People liked it, and asked for more. I said “sure, I’ll write more when I feel like it.” 

Of course, those people have since forgotten me now and don’t care about what I do any more. I didn’t produce enough work that really mattered.

I now write every day, whether I am in the mood or not. 

Because when you get to work, the inspiration follows. My best works aren’t the ones that come from when “I’m in the mood” first. The best works happen when I’ve been plugging away every single day and working hard.

The best time to start writing is right now. A little bit is enough, as long as you do it every day. Do it enough, and people will start to care about what you do for a long time.