What to break next

Zeitgeists are created by innovators of their time. Every generation wants their own zeitgeist, and a new one comes along when they break the mould that came before it.

In the 50’s Musicians hijacked PA systems as amplifiers.

In the 60’s Guitarists took clean amplifiers and broke them for a vibe.

In the 70’s Dub engineers repurposed mixing desks and effects as instruments.

In the 80’s musicians heavily promoted machines as band mates.

In the 90’s producers repurposed Vinyl as musical instruments and sampled heavily.

In the 00’s Digital technology dovetails with analogue hardware enabling super human programming capabilities.

In the 2010’s The internet facilitates an explosion of micro-niches of every existing and novel genre of music imaginable.

Currently in the 2020’s, the most progressive artists are sampling the very fabric of the internet itself precipitating performances that sound like memes.

What will you break next?