Here’s the thing about every idea that enters your track.

They are all characters entering a room with something to say.

Aimlessly introducing many different characters in one track often makes the space feel cramped rather than exciting.

So artists with clarity, punch and conviction use fewer ideas but give them more depth, than pile on shallow characters who don’t have much to add to the conversation.

Clarity is giving less more.


Stock art is a certain vibe, which can be summarised as:

“Stereotypes of a genre without its spirit”

And when we take superficial details from a genre without really understanding the spirit of it, we’re probably just making stock art.

Approaching a new genre starts with understanding its spirit.


Do you have enough?

How would you know?

Because it’s easy to pick an unrealistic standard to conclude our lives are lacking.

Chisoku is the Japanese word to feel sufficient, to be satisfied with what we have.

When we are never Chisoku, we live a dystopia where nothing is ever ok.

And the good simply falls by the way side.

Beyond our basic needs, enough isn’t a matter of abundance.

It’s a matter of choice.