What does it actually mean?

Your audience will pay more attention if you stand for something they resonate with.

Maybe you’re a left leaning, progressive pro-choice artist who finds Wall street investors gambling with derivatives completely unnecessary.

Or maybe, you really care about how pretty that inspirational quote looks sprinkled over an afternoon latte.

Whatever your beliefs are, your audience will probably skew towards those same values.

Not because your work changed them to believe that. But because they already believed those things and lit up when they heard you say something to that effect. You become the poster child for that belief.

So when you are inconsistent about this belief, there is a cognitive dissonance for those that invested their emotional resources into you. They suddenly realise, that just maybe, what you’ve been saying all along isn’t really what you meant at all.

Realness is felt in your consistency as a human being. You’re allowed to develop your realness as a person, but if you keep changing what you believe..

Are you even real?