No one can beat you

In this digital age, you can see every other human being with an internet connection as your ‘competition.’

There is a slim chance that you might ‘win’ at being notable for a single characteristic, but you’ll have an extraordinarily hard time maintaining that position (if at all).

The thing you should double down on therefore, is what makes you even more you. Because if there is anything that no one can beat you at, it is who you are.

And from this position of being top dog at who you are, you no longer need to see anyone as your competition. The competition was over when you decided that was your game.

Suddenly, all you really have to worry about is contributing to the world, rather than pushing others below you. This is better for you, for others, and for the culture as a whole.

‘Competing’ in a subjective field like the arts descends into a basic bitch contest very quickly. Just don’t do it. It’s not a sport.

Because in this game, no one can beat you.