It starts like this.

“I have no idea what this is, but I like it”

A shabby, hand crafted thing is born and you swell with pride.

So you decide, “I’ll make more” and more shabby, handcrafted things are born. But this time, they feel like you. You swell with pride again.

So some of you decide.. you’re going to do this for a living.

You patiently make more shabby hand crafted things before you tell the world

“Hey, I made this for you.”

And this is when it hits you for the first time.

That no one really cares.

No one really deeply cares about your shabby, hand crafted things for a long time.

A very fucking long time.

So most people decide, that it’s not for them.

Except you.

A tiny, heart breaking fraction of you still carry on making things until you finally change someone else’s life.

Until you finally make this world a slightly better place for someone else to exist in.

And this is why, they will fall in love with you.

Don’t give up.