Ego block

Seth Godin will teach you that there’s no such thing as writer’s block. I agree, it’s not a writer’s block. It should be called your Ego’s Block.

For the best creatives out in the wild, the writer’s block does not exist. And I will tell you why. If you ask a writer to write anything, they will write something on paper. The problem with someone who declares they have writer’s block, is that they are making a judgement about the quality of their writing, not their ability to write.

Here’s the thing – no one is a constant fountain of good work. We write reams and reams of work, and inevitably some of it is awful and some of it is brilliant. People with their Ego block suffer because when they hit a patch of bad writing, they do exactly what they are not supposed to do. They stop writing. The correct course of action is to write more, so that you can get it out of the system and continue until the better ideas have a chance to emerge.

Writing is the only cure for your Ego block. If you feel uninspired by what you do, double down and write even more. I promise something worthwhile will emerge.