Creator vs. Editor

When I create something, I start a transformation into two things.

1. A creator.

2. An editor.

The creator appears out of love, and is free. She is exciting, full of hope and optimistic. She merely brings together separate elements of the universe and creates something that hopefully makes the world slightly better. The creator is full of potential and can’t wait to create more.

The editor in me rocks up uninvited. He intervenes with my creator before she gets a chance to finish her job. The editor judges and scrutinises everything that she does. He is brutal, and knows how to subvert my creator effortlessly.

The good artist knows that the creator needs space and time to explore her potential. The good artist also recognises that her creative output will need refining and sharpening by the editor as an idea develops.

It is much easier to criticise something than to create something. I can’t finish anything if I let them work at the same time. The odds are stacked in favour to the editor ten to one.

Make something, without judgement, then make more. Then once you’ve made even more, step back and look back at what’s been made. Some of it will fall flat. Some of it will amaze you.

Don’t let the poor attempts stop you from making the special ones.