I used to think being an interesting person was having the wittiest remarks, intriguing stories and some kind of showman ship.

But none of this mattered if you weren’t listening to the other person in a conversation.

As musicians, when we focus on our selves at the expense of an ensemble, we really suffer from detachment.

But when we demonstrate we listen to one another, it opens up beautiful avenues of harmony and connection.

If you want a deeper connection with people, don’t try and impress them.



I noticed something in town a few evenings ago after a dinner with my wife.

We walked past a young lady in a sleeping bag unceremoniously tapping a bongo while a dog slept by her side.

She performed while every pedestrian walked by without acknowledging her.

I couldn’t help but consider what she was saying through that music in that moment.

And it breaks me to admit that sounds was a cry for help I too walked straight past.


The question of why I create art has eluded me for a long time.

I’ve answered it in so many different ways, but after a decade of soul searching, I think it comes down to this:

I create art because when I create art that helps others feel better, I feel better about myself too.

And with every step of progress that I make, this logic is amplified internally.

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Some kind words by others:

Really enjoying your thoughts lately. Keep up the good work.

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These posts are really inspiring and helpful for my music making, thank you.

Whenever I stumbled across your writing in my feed it was a little moment of clarity to take me back to the real world and get back to what I’m meant to be doing.