When lost, it’s tempting to polish the canvas.

After all, the canvas is there and polishing gives the canvas more appeal.

But when we polish the canvas over facing decisions about how to apply paint better, it becomes questionable if we’re really making progress at all.

Most of the emotion comes from the paint, not how nice the canvas is.

Palm oil

Pip and Nut are a peanut butter manufacturer from the UK signalling effectively.

Their message is “No Palm Oil”.

And I like it because those that don’t know the problem with palm oil inevitably ask:

Why not?

And when we discover how unsustainable it is, it becomes far less appealing to those with a conscience.

And other brands that continue to use palm oil simply look increasingly unethical.

So why not?

Because that’s not me.


How we express ourselves to ourselves in our free time is completely up to us. It’s our prerogative.

But if you then want others to care about what you make, then you really need a meaningful intention that doesn’t just concern you.

Because when we believe that all we should ever do is what feels good to us without considering an audience, it’s as absurd as masturbating in front of one and wondering why no one else is enjoying it.

Self expression is primarily for yourself.

Art is for yourself and your audience.

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Some kind words by others:

Really enjoying your thoughts lately. Keep up the good work.

QZB - [Critical Records]

These posts are really inspiring and helpful for my music making, thank you.

Whenever I stumbled across your writing in my feed it was a little moment of clarity to take me back to the real world and get back to what I’m meant to be doing.