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Style isn’t something we plan.

It emerges out of the chaos of creativity.

And those who tirelessly show up, endlessly experiment and embrace unfamiliar approaches all know a particular moment.

That moment when the muse strikes us in a moment of thundering clarity, and we say:

This it.

This is me.


Materialism in the west is an easy measure of success to understand. More = better.

But what is harder to measure in a materialistic paradigm, is the value that we offer on a deeper human level.

The ability to listen, care and connect with one another.

Perhaps this wouldn’t be an issue if material wealth correlated with happiness to infinity.

But Nobel Prize winning economist Professor Kahneman shows, our happiness only correlates with wealth up to a certain point. (Around $70,000/year).

Excess wealth brings with it a proportionate amounts of pain to its luxuries.

More money, more problems.

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Some kind words by others:

Really enjoying your thoughts lately. Keep up the good work.

QZB - [Critical Records]

These posts are really inspiring and helpful for my music making, thank you.​

Tommy 2000

Whenever I stumbled across your writing in my feed it was a little moment of clarity to take me back to the real world and get back to what I’m meant to be doing.

Angus Fraser

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