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with love

Most samples in my tracks are my piano or rhodes key performances recorded and chopped up here in my studio, in the UK.

If I use samples, I procure them from carefully selected boutique sound creators and lovingly process them with analogue gear for an extra thick vibe.

Old school
New wave

A big part of my influence comes from the East Coast producers sampling dusty Jazz records to produce beautiful, ethereal, head nodding tracks.

I take this philosophy and bring it up to date by mixing it with contemporary techniques used by modern bass producers.

The result is soulful, lo-fi sounding tracks but with a deep bass that sounds heavy on all sound systems.

Ready to go

Samples in my productions are produced by my self or royalty free meaning there is nothing to clear before you go and release them.

Once your track is ready, focus on marketing and spend less time worrying about copyright infringement.


All tracks are delivered  uncompressed at industry standard 24bit 44.1kHz sample rate, ready for mixing and mastering before sending out to your engineers.

My studio environment is fully acoustically treated and monitored using extremely transparent, full spectrum ATC SCM25a monitors with smaller Avantone mixcubes – this is to ensure all my tracks smack hard on sound systems of all sizes.


Clout included


No silly questions.

All purchased beats come with untagged files after any license purchase

All purchases made in the store are non-exclusive licenses. This means that the producer owns the right to the beat itself and will continue to license it to other artists unless the exclusive right is sold. You can still use this beat to make a new track within the constraints of the licensing terms.

I use paypal, stripe and credit card for transactions.

The license for music tracks you download from this website is subject to the lease-terms you select when purchasing the music track. Note: unless you purchase an exclusive, you are required to credit the producer i.e. Prod. by Keni Sakuda

Please drop me an e-mail at keni@kenisakuda.com and we can open a dialogue.