As predicted by Moor’s Law, the cost of processor chips has fallen to the point where music production has become the most affordable it has ever been in the history of civilisation. This trend is likely to continue.

Music output has concordantly proliferated at an unprecedented rate, and the evolution of a genre occurs more rapidly than ever before.

Successful mutations in taste permeate a scene very quickly, compounded by the ease of distribution online and fast click nature of the digital aesthetic.

It is easy, therefore, to get swooped up in the constant flow of hype which feels like a never ending stream of new ideas that has left you behind.

If your strategy is to constantly chase the tail of these movements, you have a full time job being a sheep. Congratulations.

Being fond of a fashion is not a problem, as long as it genuinely resonates with you. But being fond of every fashion that comes out is a sign that you don’t have anything deep enough to anchor your judgement to.

Once you reach a certain depth, all you have to do is ring the bell and a whole cattle of artists will start following you.

Dig deep, lead the way.