Artist Manifesto

As an artist, my job is to evoke emotions in you.

I weave meaning in to form, and deliver intent that should move you. 

The people I serve are people who seek to feel. The kind of people that regularly seek awe, wonder, pride, peace, calm, melancholy and compassion. I think people with this trait are magnetic and make the world better.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are one of them.

Nice to meet you.

I believe that being able to feel is a vital property of being human for two reasons:

  1. Being able to feel gives us a reason to live. It galvanise us against the existential crisis lurking in the back of our minds.
  2. Our ability to feel is the foundation of Empathy. It makes us better at looking out for each other. And without it, culture becomes more self serving and destructive. 

I find comfort in the fact that music is capable of connecting people together in a magical way. A candid, no-nonsense way where there are absolutely no boundaries between you, the listener and everyone else in that space. 

When all of our differences dissolve in the ether of sound, I feel a unity through the love of music.

I dedicate myself to art in the belief that it makes the world a better place.

See you on the other side.