Art vs Craft

There is a difference.

Craft is perfecting a process that you know with a particular result. The result is absolute and certain, and you can improve every aspect of your process with that outcome in mind. You will make many, almost identical works, and it can be taught to others with ease.

Art is precipitating a fresh idea – often by combining older ones – and adding intent. There are a lot of unknowns involved with this, and it is fraught with risk. In other words, what you create, after spending so much time on it, might very well be shit. There is also the potential for your work to be revolutionary and leave a legacy behind for centuries to come.

Becoming your own genre is doing a combination of the above well. In the process of making art, you will undoubtedly make a staggeringly vast number of dreadful bits of work. If you have a staggeringly large number of dreadful works, you will also have discovered a few beautiful, amazing pieces of work to show to the world.

The key is to focus on these discoveries and craft those concepts to make a bigger body of work. If you work hard enough, people will recognise this as your style.

Take some risks, discover something good, then triple down on it. Become your own genre.