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In this pixel-perfect digital world we navigate today, every human in it appears meticulously, flawlessly perfect. And every new click invites the same question that crushes us like a ton of bricks:

Are you worthy of love?

While this question drives us to strive for better, it also casts a shadow of inadequacy wherever we go. This digital culture has conditioned us to believe that perfection is the pinnacle of existence, and amidst this relentless pursuit, we lose sight of who we really want to be.

The truth is, it’s taken a painfully long burn out to realise I’m happiest when I’m not striving for perfect. Being honest about my flaws and imperfections helped me become more self-aware and ironically someone I actually liked to be.

Enough turns out to be a choice we make.

Kintsugi – the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery – helped me to see how ‘perfect’ isn’t always the goal. Here, the fracture and cracks mended with gold become a celebrated part of the object’s history. This practice which sees beauty in the broken gave me hope that I would be okay too.

As a musical artist, I craft soulful sounds that I break through the use of tape machines, vintage samplers and digital distortion. By exploring broken sounds, I aim to highlight the beauty in imperfections and remind us that our own imperfections can be beautiful too.

This is what my sound is about, and I hope it brings you some relief too.

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We get a kick out of playing him.. Absolutely tantalising

Human in Progress

I believe:

Accepting imperfection is not giving up.

Accepting imperfection is understanding perfection is a process, not an end state.

Human in progress is understanding that to live life truthfully is to live a process.

A process where we grow a little more self-aware, a little more conscious, and a little better each day.

All the while, accepting the noise in our head, our crushing self-doubts, and uncertainty as universal truths.

I proudly declare myself a Human in Progress, and warmly invite you to do so too.

Deconstructing beauty.
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